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Schneider Sales training program drives powerful career paths

Schneider Sales Training Program

At Schneider, we are incredibly focused on our sales training program to ensure our sales leaders and associates are set up for a successful sales career path.

From day one we incorporate our beliefs, values and sales teachings to our workforce. This established culture helps us ensure that we are consistently challenging ourselves while elevating our skill sets to new levels.

We coach our people to walk into the office every day with a plan of attack and are on a mission to prospect, build a pipeline, find the right opportunities and close business!

Fundamentals of Schneider’s Sales Training Program

Sellers in Schneider Transportation Management (STM) are taught the basic fundamentals of sales process in training where they are introduced to:

  • The Schneider Submarine model
  • Sales Simplified
  • Obstacle selling
  • The Challenger Sale

Associates are coached on how to establish bonding and rapport, creating a mutual contract and how to strategically make the sale. Across our organization, in all service offerings, we are driven to increase our customer base while building relationships in all industries across North America.

With the ever-changing market, we coach our associates to focus on what’s important with our prospective customers and customers, learning more about their supply chain processes and helping identify pain points where we can bring value.

Schneider Sales Training Program

Not just a trucking company…

Many people we speak with assume we are just a trucking company, and my response to that comment is that we are a transportation and supply chain powerhouse bringing a tremendous amount of opportunity and solutions to their supply chain network.

Our organization has built sales training programs to help ensure our leader and associate development and career paths such as Elevate with Orange and the Sales Learning Path (SLP) – the largest learning path within our organization that will offer 30-plus online courses within our online portal. These courses focus on topics like:

  • Sales process
  • Introductory call tactics
  • In-depth prospecting techniques
  • Objection handling

We invest a great deal of time and effort to our sales process in order to make sure we are prepared to successfully adapt to market changes within the transportation industry.

Our workforce is well prepared for changes in the near future as we have been consistently educating them on topics such as the ELD mandate.

Looking for a career in sales?

In a sales role at Schneider, you’ll gain experience and be immersed in opportunities to help you be successful and grow in your career.

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Cam Fulton is the sales account and talent manager for Schneider’s brokerage division in Dallas, TX. He started with Schneider in August 2011 and has held the roles of sales account executive, logistics team lead, talent and development manager and his current role since September 2017. He has trained over 200 associates in Dallas and looks forward to Schneider’s future growth. He is an Auburn University graduate and proud alumnus, having majored in marketing and minored in political science.

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