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5 Ways Schneider Empowers Women in Technology Careers

Schneider women associates in technology gather under a wall featuring the dictionary definition "Innovative - introducing or using new ideas or methods."

The Tech team at Schneider is driven by innovation, excellence, and collaboration. We foster a culture that embraces change, relishes in disrupting our industry and provides an environment where our associates are nurtured, challenged and stretched.

One way we do that is to be an industry leader in empowering women in technology careers. Here are a few of the ways.

1. Recruiting more women in technology

Our recruitment philosophy is to hire top talent — women and men — and to provide them with cutting-edge technology and the right balance of autonomy, training and stability. In turn, our team is inspired to create pioneering solutions for our enterprise and customers.

2. Recognizing the contributions of women in technology

The associates on our Tech team are alike in many ways: we are all engaged, intelligent, daring, innovative and entrepreneurial. We are also diverse, in gender, ethnicity and generation. This diversity of thought, perspective and experience is what makes us great. The roadmap for our organization is influenced by all who are a part of the team. We wholeheartedly believe that a good idea is a good idea, no matter who says it and what their role is.

3. Promoting women in technology careers

Our succession planning strategy is focused on growing talent from within our organization. Our associates have access to first-rate training facilitated by our onsite Learning and Development team, over 170 online courses focused on technical and soft skills, as well as external courses and conferences.

We also offer a Tuition Assistance Program for associates pursuing secondary education. Schneider offers the platform for career growth and opportunity, and our associates drive where they want their careers to go. Whether it is becoming a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in a technology career, exploring people management or product management, our associates skills are expertly matched to their roles.

4. Encouraging women in technology to shape their own career paths

Director of Architecture Kelly Decker encourages people curious about joining the Tech field to not think about technology as just sitting behind a computer. Our associates become SMEs in programs and manage projects and teams, and they’re skilled in providing customer and product presentations.

Our associates are encouraged to take risks and stretch themselves by pursuing promotions and exploring other departments within the organization. Schneider values a jungle-gym approach to career pathing, and our associates are frequently promoted, move to new teams and are challenged by new projects.

When asked why our associates like working within the Tech team, we regularly hear reoccurring themes. Our associates appreciate the people, the work is interesting, their ideas are valued, you get to work with cool cutting-edge technologies and they appreciate the flexibility that Schneider provides. Whether you are training for a triathlon, have an expanding family or are going back to school, Schneider will work with you to find the balance right for you. You can’t put a price on that!

5. Creating women in technology networking and development opportunities

Our female leaders are encouraged to attend our Women in Networking meetings at Schneider. Their mission is to accelerate professional development, build relationships with leadership and to broaden the exposure to strategic Schneider initiatives. Our Tech associates gain value, not only in the content but also in observing how other female leaders facilitate meetings, brainstorm and lead networking sessions.

Learn more about women in technology careers at Schneider makes it easy to explore Schneider’s technology team and/or our current job openings:

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Ashley Carroll is a Corporate Recruiter at Schneider specializing in full-cycle recruitment, sourcing and project management. Ashley joined the Schneider team in February 2017 and is energized by the collaborative culture, flexibility and opportunities for advancement. She has nine years of recruitment and HR experience and is passionate about matching talent to the right Schneider opportunities.

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