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Female diesel technician spotlight: Lindsey Turner

Lindsey Turner, a female diesel technician at Schneider, has been in her role for over seven years.

Editor’s note: This is the first of a three-part series about the career paths of three female diesel technicians who work at Schneider. Read parts two and three.

Like the trucking industry, the diesel service industry is slowly seeing more women enter the field, as technology continues to advance and trade careers become more desirable.

We interviewed three female diesel technicians who work at Schneider about why they chose this industry, what they love about their job and why they would encourage other women to consider a career in a shop. We will be sharing their stories over the next three months.

About female diesel technician Lindsey Turner

29-year-old Lindsey Turner knew at a young age that a desk job was not for her. She wanted a career that would allow her to work with her hands, provide variability day-to-day and make her feel fulfilled.

“I’m a problem solver,” Lindsey said. “One of the greatest parts of my job is getting handed a list of problems and having the responsibility to find solutions for them. When you’re struggling to figure something out and you finally do, it’s a great feeling of accomplishment.”

Why she became a diesel technician

After high school, Lindsey enrolled in a community college to get a degree in diesel technology. She fell in love with the program on day one and hasn’t looked back since.

“I love that every day is different at my job,” Lindsey said. “You might have a repeat issue, but the issue is going to be on a truck that’s different from the one you worked on last time.”

Lindsey has worked in the same shop since she was 22 years-old. When Schneider acquired the shop she was working in, Lindsey kept her same role but transitioned to become a Schneider associate.

One thing many people might not know about being a diesel technician is that you have to be tech-savvy, Lindsey said.

“We spend a lot of time on computer,” Lindsey said “Before, the industry was just a lot of manual labor. Today, you need to have knowledge of how the truck operates and be able to use a computer.”

Her dreams for the future

Today, Lindsey is a Senior Tractor Technician at Schneider’s Sterling, Ill. location with dreams to one day become a Master Technician and then a Shop Manager. She said for the future, she hopes more women realize the benefits of working in the diesel service industry.

“No matter what shop you’re in, no matter if you’re a male or female, you have to prove that you can do this job in order to get respect from your coworkers,” Lindsey said. “I have never been treated differently because I’m a female. You just have to do your job and prove that you’re knowledgeable.”

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