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By The Schneider Guy Dec 30, 2019
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Thank you for being one of the more than half a million readers of Schneider’s “Slice of Orange” blog in 2019!

After publishing over 130 posts, written by almost 50 different authors, we’ve curated our most-read blog posts across our five different blog categories:

Driver | Diesel Technician | Office | Warehouse| Culture

Truck driving blogs – top 4 blog posts of 2019

1. 6 truck driving tips from experienced truckers

You can learn the hard way or learn from those who have already learned the hard way. This post continues to attract readers because it goes beyond textbook answers to provide real-world driving advice.

2. 2019 truck driver per diem pay: advantages and tax plan impacts

Many drivers had questions as they filed taxes for the first time under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and with per diem pay already causing some confusion, this post provided important answers and clarity for drivers.

3. Schneider driver hiring process: the final steps

Student drivers complete the last steps of the Schneider driver hiring process.

A new job comes with many unknowns, and a big reason this blog exists is to help people know more so they can be comfortable with the process. Here’s exactly what happens after searching, applying, interviewing and getting a driving job with Schneider.

4. Class A vs. Class B CDL: What you need to know

The type of driver’s license you have determines the type of job you can have, so it’s clear why this post was one of our most read. In fact, this was a guest post from one of our driving school partners to help you make a more informed career decision.

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Diesel technician blogs – top 2 blog posts of 2019

1. 18 must-have diesel mechanic tools

diesel mechanic tools.

One of the first questions aspiring mechanics ask is, “What tooling is required?” This post from a Schneider mechanic helped countless other technicians pick out their first tools, and it can still help you pick yours.

2. 8 must-have diesel mechanic skills

It’s no coincidence the top two posts of the year are around tools and skills. Once you know the tools you need, then you need to know how you’ll use them daily on the job. This post breaks that down for you in a helpful way.

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Office blogs – top 2 blog posts of 2019

1. Characteristics of the 5 generations in the workplace

We’ve never had five generations in the workforce at the same time, so it creates an incredibly diverse work environment filled with new opportunities and challenges. One of our recruiting leaders offers this advice for navigating this new office dynamic.

2. 7 tips to conquer your job interview

Tips for Job Interview

Job interviews are nerve-wracking, but if you prepare well, you can be confident during your next interview. One of Schneider’s recruiting leaders shares important advice about what you need to do before, during and after your big interview.

More office job resources:

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Warehouse blogs – top 2 blog posts of 2019

1. How cross-docking is changing the way we do warehousing

Benefits of Cross Docking at Schneider

Speed is the name of the game for many shippers, and cross-docking is empowering that speed. Here’s how technology is enabling it, how Schneider is implementing it and how it can impact your warehouse career.

2. Elsie Santiago’s perspective: Females in warehousing jobs

More women are stepping into warehouse careers, and Elsie’s story is a perfect example of why it’s happening and why it’s a good thing — both for female warehouse workers and the company they work for and with.

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Culture blogs – top 2 blog posts of 2019

1. Schneider launches contest, ‘Semi Showdown: Truck Photo Faceoff’

Contests are always a great way to engage, and our truck photo contest coinciding with March Madness was a hit. Check out the great photos, including the winner, and keep your eyes out for additional contests in 2020.

2. The passing of a legend

Schneider driver legend Bob Wyatt

Schneider driver Bob Wyatt truly was a legend — 45 years of consecutive safe driving and more than 5 million miles. He passed away this summer. Learn more about this amazing man and his personal and professional legacy.

More Schneider culture resources:

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Thanks again for reading, and happy New Year!

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