Top 11 Schneider Blog Posts From the 1st Year of 'A Slice of Orange'

By The Schneider Guy Jun 22, 2016

It’s hard to believe that one year ago today we launched “A Slice of Orange,” Schneider’s behind-the-scenes blog. And what a year it’s been, publishing nearly 100 blog posts helping prospective driver, office, warehouse and diesel technician associates gain exclusive insight about Schneider.

If you’ve missed some blog posts, I invite you to use this opportunity to browse through the categories, recent posts and blog history by month. You’ll learn a lot about the amazing people who make this company a growing industry leader.

Here’s a look back at our top 11 posts from the first year of “A Slice of Orange”:

Truck Driver Pay

1. Schneider Truck Driver Pay, Pt. 2: Average Earnings Expectations

It was our most read blog post, and it garnered the most comments, showing drivers’ appetite to truly understand how much they can expect to earn. With so many different options at Schneider, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all pay package, but this provides a framework to think through your expectations. Look for more driver pay posts in the future.

Schneider CEO Chris Lofgren

2. Schneider CEO Reflects on Secret Ingredient to Company’s Success

Schneider has been around since 1935, and it takes a lot to sustain success for that long — with an eye toward being a company that lasts forever. CEO Chris Lofgren offers his insight on the key ingredient to what sets Schneider apart.

Sarah Wehling IMG

3. Top 5 Reasons My Schneider Job Rocks

Every Schneider associate has their reasons for working here, and we’ve published a few of these kinds of posts (others: Diesel Technician and Customer Service Support Shift) so you can see the reasons directly from a variety of Schneider associates.

Schneider Truck Driver

4. 6 Truck Driving Tips From Experienced Truckers

With more than 11,000 truck drivers in our fleet, we have lots of veteran drivers with lots of experience to share with truck drivers of all experience levels. One of our top drivers and blog contributors offers six of her best tips. Here are a few more of our many driver tip posts: CDL Road Test, backing a tractor-trailer and winter weather driving.

Schneider Truck on 9/11

5. Remembering 9/11: Schneider Hauled Supplies to Ground Zero

Team Driver Advisor Bob Seidl was among a group of elite Schneider drivers who had the opportunity to deliver supplies to Ground Zero. His harrowing account is one of the most powerful stories we’ve shared over the past year (a couple others: Flint Water Crisis and Wreaths Across America).


6. How to Become a Professional Truck Driver

“A Slice of Orange” certainly provides behind-the-scenes insight about Schneider, but it’s also becoming an impressive resource center for all truck drivers and prospective associates. This was one of a few how-to posts we’ve shared, and you can expect many more in the future.

Julius Borley

7. Remembering 65-year Schneider Associate Julius Borley

Can you imagine working 65 years for one company? Julius Borley did for Schneider, and we wrote this touching tribute about him following his passing in October, a day after his 91st birthday. His legacy certainly lives on, and his record tenure may never be beat.

Veterans Day Graphic

8. Schneider Hires Military Veterans for the Right Reasons

This Veterans Day post describes why Schneider has been so successful at hiring current and former military personnel. Our record speaks for itself, but this first-person perspective from a veteran says even more.

Diesel Technician

9. Inside Schneider’s Diesel Technician Safety Training and Work Environment

It takes a lot to keep 10,000+ trucks safely on the road, and our diesel technicians are the group that makes it possible. If you’re looking for an exciting career as a diesel technician, here’s a sneak peak at what makes Schneider’s working environment unique (another similar day-in-the-life style post: Schneider Transportation Management).

Truck Driver Running

10. On the Road to Being a Healthy Truck Driver, Pt. 3

Schneider driver JD Simpson’s three-part series described how truck drivers can choose a healthy lifestyle, the choices he made that helped him lose more than 130 pounds and some actionable tips for other drivers. We featured several other driver health posts, too (like this and this), and we plan to feature many more in the future.


11. Warehouse Careers: The Culture and People are Schneider’s Differentiators

Schneider has more than 6.5 million square feet of warehouse space, which means we have a wealth of career opportunities within the warehouse. The variety of opportunities is unique, but more than anything, it’s our culture and people that really set us apart. Here’s what that actually means.


It’s been a lot of fun interacting with you in year one, and we’re looking forward to more of the same and even better in year two.

For current Schneider associates, we’d love to share your “slice” of the “Big Orange,” too. If you haven’t joined the Schneider family yet, explore all our career opportunities — you’re sure to find a great fit.

What do you like most about Schneider’s “A Slice of Orange” blog? How could we improve in year two? Any particular topics you’d like to see us address?

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