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Rick and Ricky Lograsso

Rick and Ricky Lograsso

Type of driver Team Van Drivers
With Schneider 19 combined years
Hometown St. Louis, MO
Miles on the road 2 million+
Can't live without Radio and movies

Helps us build for our future, even at different places in our careers

Not all parents can say they have the pleasure of going to work with their children daily, especially when the children are adults. For father and son professional driving duo Rick and Ricky, they enjoy each other’s company by sharing relatively close quarters: the cab of an 18-wheeler. The team uses their different perspectives to their advantage – and rack up both miles and dollars along the way.

From One Family Legacy to Another

Father Rick’s journey to truck driving started in the meat department of his father’s family-owned grocery stores. After years of working with his dad, Rick left home at 18 and joined a big supermarket chain. When that company offered meat cutters a buyout to reduce costs in 1992, he took it as his ticket to transition into something new. His wife, Michele, suggested he leverage his love of driving the family car on vacation to driving as a career.

Rick’s colleagues recommended he start his new career with Schneider. He began as an Over-the-Road driver but also worked as a training engineer, instructor and support staff member before leaving in 2002 to work for a local trucking company. Though the new gig allowed him to coach his sons’ sports teams, Rick found that he missed the ever-changing scenery of cross-country driving. In 2008, Rick returned to Schneider as a team driver.

Two Generations of Orange

Son Ricky’s interest in truck driving began as a child when he went on the road with his dad during summer vacations, exploring the country all the while.

Ricky riding along with Rick
“Whenever I was out with my dad, I enjoyed seeing what was outside of St. Louis,” said Ricky. “I always wanted to learn how to drive.”

But his desire to get into the business grew after he tried to balance a full college class schedule and a full-time job. He knew the kind of money he was capable of making on the road—and in quicker time.

Ricky asked his dad if they could team up if he obtained his CDL. By this time, Rick was already teaming with another partner, but the two fathers had great foresight: years before, they had agreed that if their children expressed interest in the profession, they would amicably step away from their team agreement.

In April 2013, Rick and Ricky hauled their first load as an Over-the-Road team for Schneider.

Planning for the Future

As much as the father-son team loves the open road, they recognize that the real reason they work as hard as they do is to provide for themselves, their family and their future.

They work hard as a team to help one another reach their goals.

“I would love to get a million miles out here with my dad before he hangs up his keys,” said Ricky.

The way this bonded multigenerational driving team is preparing for a fruitful future one mile at a time, perhaps Schneider will see a third-generation driver someday.

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