Outside the Shop: Exploring Service Truck and Field Service Technician Positions at Schneider

By Jeremy Gannon Oct 3, 2017
Schneider Service Truck

Did you know that Schneider offers positions outside of the shop as a technician? Service trucks have been utilized in many different fields, but nothing comes close to ours! What is a Service truck and how are Schneider’s different?

We take a service truck and pack it with all the parts and tooling needed to maintain Schneider’s equipment and then put a highly trained technician behind the wheel.

Most people think of a service truck technician as someone who works on equipment on the side of the road. Not at Schneider — our service truck technicians do not do road-side work. Service truck techs and field service techs service Schneider’s equipment at the customer’s site in a safe and controlled environment. We have over 60 trucks across the country to do on-site work at distribution centers and rail yards.

Schneider service trucks provide reliability, productivity and safety for customers

Our service trucks are the complete package! Schneider brings trained diesel technicians straight to the downed equipment with the tools needed to get that equipment back up and running. Our technicians are very helpful and eager to help with anything. They are informed and qualified to get the job done. This excellent service allows us to get the equipment back on the road and delivering freight faster than ever. This means more on-time deliveries for our drivers, meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers.

What is the difference between a service truck technician and a field service technician?

We have two different types of technicians out in these trucks:

Service truck technician: Based out of a shop location where they start their day at the shop then go out to the customer site returning to the shop at the end of their shift.

Field service technician: Works directly at the customer site — there is no shop located in the area. The technician leaves the service truck parked on location and reports to work at the service site each day.

What our truck technicians love about working in our service trucks:

“The ability of being mobile as needed”

“The craft of welding/manufacturing repairs”

“The satisfaction that comes after assisting drivers in need at different sites”

“The satisfaction/accomplishment of knowing you repaired/maintained equipment (chassis, containers, sometimes tractors)”

“The honor/pride of being able to work on newer equipment (chassis)”

“I have enjoyed the opportunity of helping build a new chapter of business with Schneider — from processes, to stances, working with customers and the end result of equipment repairs and being on the road.”

“Freedom of this job is also a huge benefit and is appreciated. You have the freedom to brainstorm and figure out better, safer and more efficient ways in completing tasks.”

Search all service truck technician, field service technician and other diesel technician opportunities now. Comment with any questions about Schneider’s maintenance opportunities outside a shop environment.

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